Licenses & Permit Applications

Alcohol Licenses

The State of Wisconsin requires all persons who vend, sell, deal, or traffic intoxicating liquors or fermented malt beverages to be licensed by their local government. As a result, anyone who vends, sells, deals, or traffics any alcoholic beverages within the Village, in any amount, is required to first obtain a license from the Village of Mount Horeb. Applications must be received at least 15 days before the monthly Village Board meeting (the first Wednesday of each month). There must be a licensed operator (bartender) on the licensed premises at all times.

All dogs and cats in the village that are at least five months old must be licensed no later than April 1 each year. A late fee of $5 will be included with the license fee after April 1. License application forms are available at the Village Office, 138 E Main Street. Rabies vaccination information is required. Fee: $20 for spayed or neutered, $25 for all others.