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1. What dates will the Village be picking up brush and yard waste?
2. How can I find out about Recreation Department info?
3. How do I reserve a park shelter?
4. When do Recreation Department activity guides go out?
5. The court has ordered me to pay a forfeiture. I have not been able to make the payment as ordered. What do I do?
6. What are the curfew times and who do they apply to?
7. It is after routine work hours. I need to speak to an officer directly and not a dispatcher. What do I do?
8. What is the Cost Adjustment printed on my bill?
9. How often does the Water Utility test my meter?
10. How often does the Electric Utility test my meter?
11. We purchased a new water softener and need to know the hardness of the water.
12. How do I recycle in the Village of Mount Horeb?